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Projects You Should Hear

@PatricKxxLee - Dead By Dawn The Old Me Is Gone

Zambia's own PatricKxxLee drops off a nine-track compilation called Dead By Dawn The Old Me Is Gone, consisting of some of the music he previously rec...

Projects You Should Hear

@B3nchMarQ - 1st Quarter

It's always interesting to observe which rappers start off the year with high momentum, it says a lot about their inherent work ethic and I think we a...

Projects You Should Hear

@Skeemsa2015 - Kopo EP

Skeem Sa 2015 is here to drop off their new project, the Kopo EP. We last saw the gang when they released their first single as Underdog competitors a...

Projects You Should Hear

@CarvoCardo - Natures Sauce

There's nothing like getting your supply from nature herself. It seems Cardo knows where the pots are as he brings you a project titled Natures Sauce ...

Projects You Should Hear

@sxlve - Summer Blues SZN1 EP

Solve The Problem is an aspiring rapper who just released a brand new project titled Summer Blues SZN1. The EP description details how the rapper has ...

Projects You Should Hear

@TommyFlo_ - Spaghetti

Tommy Flo is the next artist to drop some new work under the Raw X Studios umbrella. He gifts us with Spaghetti, a debut project that houses all of hi...

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