“Hip-Hop Broke My Heart” - Zoocci Coke Dope

By @AtlehangMoloi on 05/09/2024 in Watch

Zoocci Coke Dope recently hopped on Instagram live to pour his heart out about the music industry.

The rapper and producer explains that he gave his whole heart to an industry that broke it. He shares that he hasn’t been making Hip-Hop music lately and that his upcoming album does not have Hip-Hop on it because Hip-Hop broke his heart.

“Hip-Hop broke my heart”; “I gave this industry my whole heart.”, he says. 

Zoocci speaks on why he is no longer on Apple Music and why some of his songs such as ‘Walking On Water’ are no longer available on DSPs. He asks the people to ask themselves why that is, and somewhat answers that question by saying, “People that should be responsible are receiving false praise.”

He vaguely speaks on his ongoing bad experience in the industry as he makes reference to power-hungry, greedy and fake people within the industry. He emphasises how he has constantly stood up for people who would not do the same for him, and expresses his reluctance to continue doing after enduring disappointment from multiple unnamed people. 

“I inherit the beef because niggas is diplomatic,” he adds. But Zoocci also mentions artists and producers he’s cool with and he’s still yet to get into studio with. 

He concludes the live by hinting that he knows something that fans don’t about the current state of Hip-Hop. “And if y’all feel like Hip-Hop is not in a good place, ask yourself why,” he says.

Zoocci hasn’t dropped music in a while even though he always posts pics of himself cooking in the stu with various artists. The last time we heard from him was on the 7-minute-long song ‘Current State Of Mind V’ last year where he was going off about a dispute he was having with his label. 

Watch the Instagram live below:




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