@MaEzeeDoesIt x @EmteeSA Are In Studio Together

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/17/2017 in Watch

Spring/Summer 2017 is looking mad eventful for SA Hip Hop right now. Amidst all the news of various albums due this September/October, there are some key tracks and features that are also loading for so many artists. It looks like Ma-E and Emtee might just be one added to the list. The emphasis is on "might" though 'cause if you recall correctly, in our interview with Ma-E he spoke of some dope upcoming features and we're hoping this is one of them. Currently, Bumpa is the new wave on his end and we're counting on more push for the single before we get this heat.

Peep this short clip of a playback of Emtee's appearance on this unknown track:

???????????? x The Hustla

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