@ThisIsSoloSA Shares New Live Performance Clips

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/15/2017 in Watch

Allow me to start off on a mild tangent. Can I just say that trying to find a picture where Solo is not all dapper rapper'ed is proving insanely difficult? HE IS ALWAYS ON. Now that's consistency. Shout out to Austin Malema for the put on (picture credit).

Anyway, Solo has shared some new clips of him and the gang - the Dream Catchers - as they session some songs live. He renders pieces from his Dreams.B.Plenty masterpiece in these short clips as a matter if resume. As in, "by the way, halla at me if you want a good show". Baqede Solo!

Watch him perform Overtime below:

Watch him perform Napa Valley (which is not on the album):

Watch him perform the common favourite, Jubilee noLigamo below:

Watch the music videos below:




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