Tunez RSA

Tunez RSA

About Me

Thando Ngubeni A.K.A Tunez RSA is a 25 year old rapper from Soweto, the south of Johannesburg. Tunez is the co owner of Kippiza Entertainment and Deputy Chairman of The Afrikaufela Organisation. Tunez RSA fell inlove with hip hop at the age of 10, he started rapping in high school and has made it on several TV shows like Coke Studio and Shiz Niz, he's been Interviewed on Vow FM, Trans Africa, Touch HD, Channel Africa amongst many others radio stations, he's music and personality was well recognised by Anthony Hamilton and a few grammy award winning producers. He is one artist to look out for in 2020, Tunez RSA is being mentored by the best in the business and already has a head start in the game. His style of music is very unique and very conceptual, more than a rapper "Tunez" is an entertainer, a motivator, a student of the game and lover of the culture.

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