About Me

BIO The Monarchy is rapper born in Venda, raised in Polokwane and is upcoming to the Hip-hop game. My goal is to give my listeners and fans a way of listening to my story through my raps. My interest was mostly poetry when I was in grade 7 and then a friend of mine played me my first Rap song which was a Lil Wayne and I began to develop an interest in Rap music. When I got to High School I began writing my own rhymes and my love affair with song writing and making began. Most notable accomplishment is for a single of mine called “Do it right” which has got 500+ plays on Sound Cloud and it has been getting great comments and likes and it's only been a few months and it continues to grow rapidly. I am now on a journey of creating a record label with my clique as soon as we place an effect on the hip-hop game.

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