About Me

South African artist/producer Maayina combines hip-hop with pop and soul influences, much like contemporaries A Recee, and Pretty Ugly. Debuting in the early 2015s with a series of mixtapes and EPs, he issued his official debut, Silhouette in 2017 and marked his first appearance on the South African music landscape. Charting with a single titled “Three things” for a while. Born Ayanda Sabela, Jr., he was raised by a family who provided early exposure to the spirit of proactiveness and self-belief, which he would go on to blend with his own influences and desires of becoming an artist. Highly inspired by the world-famous Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and Success. An Entertainer since childhood, Maayina was in a Dance crew in Lamontville before he started rapping. His first foray into hip-hop was as a member of a Recording crew operating under Recognize Production, releasing Mixtapes from 2013. Later he released a solo mixtape titled Fuck the Fame.

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