About Me

SMOOTH 626 (real name Sanele Ndlela) is a South African hip-hop/Kwatio artist born in the city of Pietermaritzburg.Over time he has developed a distinct sound that fuses hip hop and Kwaito. His music is inspired by what he has gone through in his life and what goes on around him,his experiences have led him to write music as a means to express himself. He draws his inspiration from artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Pro Kid, KO to name a few. His music is about inspiring the people who listen to it to follow their dreams as he chases his as well.His journey in music started in 2008 when he decided to pick up a pen and write his own songs.Releasing 3 projects such as (The Beast - mix tape 2011) (The up rise mix-tape2014) (The Next step EP216) (Half Full EP 2018)His biggest dream is to be commercial, leave a mark in music industry, travel overseas for musical events and work with big names in the industry.

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