About Me

Kaye-Quik real name Keletso Mashilo is a 21 year old artist (Rapper/Singer/Song Writer) from Middelburg (MP). "I started making music back in 2009 with my friends and former crew NYBz (Narrow Young Boyz) when one of my friends made his first beat on fruity loops and we all wrote for it . In 2012 we decided to go our separate ways and that's where my solo career began . I worked with the likes of Maxx n Kello ,I'll Skill ,VeeCee , Young Ace ,Kada ,Rzpek , Gaffie Magnus & Crew Cee-fied Rapperz just to name a few. Music is the drive to every single thing I do . I envision a world where sound can be seen by all and not only heard ,so that's why I try to paint a vivid picture with my music .

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