Daviid Xan Black

Daviid Xan Black

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Daviid Xan Black(24) based in South Africa. Apart from being a Creative Director & Owner of an Exclusive clothing brand (‘Noir Couture Excl.’) , Xan is an all round creative, the self proclaimed (yet showcasing countless times through his social media pages) photographer, hypebeast, songwriter, a musical vanguard and an artist with no boundaries. David is truly one of one. Some of his biggest fears include losing his authenticity through seeking validation from society, in hopes to be more relatable to the masses, in turn- being mediocre, and/or being average. To Daviid, music is a form of expression to avoid suppressing a lot of negativity he comes across. Also, a way to flaunt his flamboyant persona. Often being the most quiet/reserved individual in the room, without a doubt, you’ll find that he could be considered the most confident - figuratively making him a perfect example of what one would consider “ a walking paradox” .

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