@One_Take_One - The Story Of OJ (Freestyle)

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/15/2017 in Music

I feel so disheartened as I listen to the hard hitting truths on this here freestyle. I'm disheartened by this reminder of the trapped mentalities of my people and how "the system" has managed to maintain a cycle of stagnancy for them and we're not even aware.

Heyi, One Shaman went and did the hard thing on The Story Of OJ. He channels part of the discussion on the original song by Jay-Z but brings it back home to the struggles of seeking validation in society through things that don't really make an impact in the greater scope of things. Insane! For a young man to be this "woke" and unafraid to lay it word for word in his music is even more chilling. These are the kinds of artists in my generation that I will trust with locking up when the night is over with this music thing. We're in safe hands!

Catch the wake up call over here:




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