Join The South African Hip Hop History (1975 - 2010) Research!

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/15/2017 in News

All hands on deck are required for this feat. The good people over at Ritual Media Group are embarking on a search for pieces of the South African hip hop scene dating from as far back as 1975 to 2010. I'm secretly hoping that pictures and videos from the Le Club era surface during this big assignment.

Anyway, how does this concern you? It concerns you because YOU are SA Hip Hop and I'm certain you must have one or two memories stashed somewhere in the back of your Facebook library, or better yet, have archives of VHS tapes and TDK cassettes of the scene before we knew it now. We need you to come on board and send anything you have to to add to the compilation of our culture's journey. This will all eventually be put into a site dedicated to the history of SA Hip Hop. Hao'bao'dat?! CASH US OUSSIDE THE EMAIL!




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