@MrCashtime - No Feelings

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/15/2017 in Music Video


I'm so beside myself over this music video. Is it safe to say that this is the most fun and daring music video the Skhanda god, K.O, has ever had? WOW. We've reached a point where the visual scene in SA Hip Hop is so competitive that you actually wait to see who shot it. Ofentse Mwase is on another level with these insane concepts and filmography.

On No Feelings, K.O challenges the status quo on so many levels adorning the typical uniform of a white farmer standing by his bakkie. He also raps in a windy corridor in what looks like a religious robe. In other scenes, he's being a complete rebel clutching a rifle and being playful on a couch in his small bright room clad with magazine cut outs of his favourites including Minnie Dlamini-Jones. My favourite parts are the special characters in this movie (yes it's a whole motion picture). The cheeky 99 year old granny who reprimands a mum toddler baker delivering her cake, as well as umama womthandazo in her religious regalia who's shadow dog is barking at her while she sips on something that is definitely not holy water or communion. This video is groundbreaking! Every angle in the scenes; the editing, the styling and right down to the cutaways and attention to detail. Powerful!

Have a look:



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