@BlayzeEnt - #Amen

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/14/2017 in Stream & Download

We finally get the full version of a moving prayer Blayze teased us with when he dropped his Get The Bag music video just a few weeks back. The gospel is titled Amen and Blayze sheds a bit of his gangster for the praying family man who puts word forward for himself, and then his family.

I love how he twisted your favourite Sunday school song, This Little Light Of Mine and made it so relatable. We also appreciate him introducing us to his family through this track. It's not the typical celebratory song with a bottle pop and some company of fine ladies, instead it's a more glorious and reflective one. A sign of faith, hope and unmatched strength that you can only get from a higher power. Let the little children thank the creator for their "talents" (biblical reference) and show what they have done with them. Say it with me, "I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE!"

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