5 Things To Know About @KidXSA Upcoming Debut Album

By @Spokenpriestess on 08/07/2017 in

We got to connect with Kid X about why he's been off the radar and just what he's been working on. He spoke to us about finally working on his debut album and it's much closer than you think. Here's what you need to know about it.

1. It's mixed and mastered by internationally acclaimed 808 Mafia

The album is practically done but we're waiting for it to return from mixing and mastering in Atlanta, USA by the prolific 808 Mafia. The story about the album is quite hilarious actually as it got lost somewhere in Atlanta after Nino (ex-808 member) was working on it and disappeared after he welcomed his new born baby into the world. Mysteries of the world.

2. Laundry Day Fresh is a mashup of all the sounds on the album

When we asked him to give us perspective on what sounds to expect on the piece cause he's so versatile, Kid X said Laundry Day Fresh is the song that kinda leads the album. It's the basis from which he started the album on. So, picture influences of world music with feel good energy but some heartfelt raps about his recent experiences... Something like that.

3. The story on the album is told backwards

The sequence in which he dropped his singles, iPati, Thanx, Laundry Day Fresh and then Mfazi Wephepha can be somewhat confusing to piece together but the story on the album is told backwards. Not from the "beginning", but from the present tracking back reflecting on past experiences. I like that. Why not shake things up a bit from time to time?

4. The music is the last thing he worked on

Ironic isn't it? But it actually makes sense if you think about it. In retrospect, you need the artist to get the music so it makes sense when Kid X said that he wasn't too caught up in the music as he was about fixing himself - by centering his energy and finding his groove for the album.

5. We're getting new music ahead of the album drop

Kid X has a couple of features lined up before we get to the album. He's also going to drop a single to round up some interest since he's been quite off the radar for a minute. It's gonna be a good year I say. Wait for us, we're about to "glo-up."



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