Are We That Much Closer To A @Shane_Eagle Album?

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/31/2017 in

I think absolutely yes! Shane Eagle has been very psyched about new material that he's been cooking up and this weekend he confirmed that he's just about done recording his debut album.

I need you to understand though that despite our excitement, he did say "recording", so there might be some more production works that still need to go into the piece - meaning we need to be patient.

Alternatively not! For all we know he could be wrapping up the piece sooner than we expect. All I know is that Shane Eagle is one of a kind. He's not about too much hype, or this nor that. He's got a heartfelt relationship with his pen which spills over into the stories of his people as well. In rapping his truth, he speaks to many more people in the same breath and the prospect of a whole project from him this year is early Christmas for many of us.

I mean, just peep his latest visual for Julia for starters:



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