Cop @AKAworldwide x @ANATII #BCWYWF Today!

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/28/2017 in News

The chemist finally has stock of our prescribed dosage - Be Careful What You Wish For, manufactured by Dr's AKA and Anatii (Msc. Music / PhD. Godliness). I know my people experienced some withdrawal symptoms when we got just the pre-order a few weeks back but we're on our way to healing. AKA and Anatii undoubtedly make a magical tag team. The proof is in the scriptures that are BCWYWF.

The album is a melting pot of fusions of world music by the electronic bushman and doro's hypnotising flavours. They open up the album in the North on Bryanston Drive before they swear by the holy books in the jiggy 10 Fingers and Psalm 1000. They switch up the flavour a notch as they set sail on How You Like Me Now?!, heading for Camps Bay 3 and stylish reflections on a Holy Mountain. We're centered by the uptempo Don't Forget To Pray which has held us down for the longest time while waiting for the album. As we get off our knees we're face-to-face with Angelz - which is nothing like what you'd imagine the track would sound like. It's hella grungy, mad dangerous and addresses the darker side of people, opposites of Angelz. We get a Jesus Plug after those hard reflections acknowledging that nothing formed against us will ever prosper because God got us. A beautiful comfort after being hit by the harsh realities of life. It's a celebration by the time we get to the familiar sign out which I believe was the beginning of this magic here.

I love that the album is 10 tracks short. It's like a concise and punchy sermon filled with character by the bishop. They've done it guys, they actually gave us a joint album. WOW! The synergy is seemless, the chemistry burns up each track and because they're both well skilled on production their fusions are perfect. It doesn't sound more like AKA than Anatii or vice versa, they gravitated towards completely new sounds while somehow embedding their signatures into the music. Brilliant work.




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