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By @Spokenpriestess on 07/28/2017 in

Move over let's show you how it's done round these here parts. Highly underrated wordsmith Buks finally drops his debut album Pegasus today and it's everything and more. First of all, you already know that the production is nothing either than perfection 'cause he happens to be a god on these desks as well.

Pegasus is a true flex by Buks 'cause he comes through with all of what he's got. His catchy hook skills jump right at you, right after those clean and sharp raps hit at your heart as soon as you step into his realm. I like that he opens the album on a serious - yet laid back - note as he announces his arrival on Ali with the incomparable Solo, Dream Life and Flex. Then, he kinda swings in the musical tunes that you can do the two-step to from Gangster Party, the current single Don't Need Stress and My House. In between these dance influenced tunes he switches the flavours up between dance, pop and Rn'B influences. Man, I cannot stress how much of a musical genius Buks is. Nothing is out of place on this album. Every single sound, instrument, and even emotion comes in like a tightly rehearsed world class ballet corp.

He brings us back down by the time we transition into 96 Games with that cunning guitar strum and that cheeky bass, not forgetting the consuming harmonies in the hook. Am I the only one geeking out over this guy's immaculate arrangement? All this time as you go through Pegasus Buks never loses his lethal rapper, no matter what wave he rides in sound. It could simply be that he's got the juice vele and if you're the flavour manufacturer you truly can't fake it. 100 Sparkles is what I call a, "hold this lemme flex real quick" track. I mean?! On Trap Cool he goes all grown-and-sexy setting him apart from many on the scene right now (and frankly more scenes still to come). Buks is defiant, just like his BETR Gang compadre Solo, they don't follow the crowd instead they shine in their signature authenticity. You gotta love Buks for his classic kwaito spirit, he shows that more on Via Stranger. This is where his production heart dances so well with his singing and clean raps. I won't lie, I never saw him and Mashayabhuqe merging so well on a track but Overachiever is example of both their flexibility. I can't get over the seamless transitions in the song's pockets where the beat almost dips into a whole other world when the digital maskandi god comes on. INSANE!

Who is this guy? Pop Star is a mash of some funk, classic pop elements and mad sing-ability on that hypnotising hook. He's fading us out of the album from here on and as we leak into Rotate we feel ourselves come down from some intense rollercoaster ride but we're trying to figure out how to go back to the beginning while enjoying the exhilaration we're still feeling. WOW. By the time the clock hits the title track it's tilt-your-head-back-and-relax to this magic. Thank you Buks for keeping true to the music, for being a rebel with your unapologetically lethal execution. Shout out to the team for showing up with those ace colours by putting this immaculate performance together.

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