Music: @Thuts_Rodney ft @MaEzeeDoesIt - Vulani Iminyango

By @Lenoir on 07/25/2017 in

New kid on the come up, Thuts Rodney, brings you his banging track titled Vulani Iminyango featuring none other than the Main Ghanda Ghanda, Ma-E. I can't get over how Ma-E delivers the hook, guys, this man is untoucheable. He then slides into his verse without you realising it. Thuts does the most on his verses as well, this is a real jam for the hood. The beat is insane!

They are literally knocking on doors and asking for a chance to be heard. The track ends with a sound clip from 2Pac's interview where he spoke about singing his way into a hotel room, a good fit.

Check it out:



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