Music Video: @reece_youngking @B3nchMarQ @Ex_Global @EccoMusiq_ @LaFlameSA @MashBeatz - Tell Me What You Want

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/24/2017 in

Can we stop the world from spinning for a moment please? It's The Wrecking Crew again, and this time it's the entire crew. ALLOF! A-Reece, B3nchMarq, Ecco, Ex Global, Flame, Mash Beatz and even Mellow the photographer is on ad-libs. I have so much more hope now about joining the crew 'cause it means I too might just do the ad-libs on the next crew song.

On the really, it's a straight party when the gang-gang hook up and thank the music gods that they decided to let us into their party. I love that they decided to go all melodic on this one, it's a straight anthem. Imagine a show where the whole crew storms the stage for this one? MADNESS. The black and white video allows you to paint all sorts of colours in your high over how tremendously infectious this song is. The mob set up in the video gives you that kinda hype to each man that steps forward for their part. It's like those crazy circles we like dancing in and when your friend goes in you hype like your whole life defended on it. I can't get over how catchy this song is! THE F!EN WRECKING CREW IS HERE BULLDOZING EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.



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