Red Couch: @YungSwissPgp On #Janet, Co-Signs x Growing Up Fast

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/21/2017 in

We sat down with Yung Swiss to catch up about how life has been going for him from homelessness to being in a better space in life right now. He talks to us about his focus as his brand continues to grow, and it's a 100% on the music. The money, girls and anything else that may come his way doesn't phase him. All Yung Swiss wants is real people to surround him.

I know you wanna know what this Janet that he's been going on about is... We got an artwork for it recently so the reveal is definitely much closer. It could be a whole project, or even a single. Whatever it is, 2017 is definitely Yung Swiss' breakthrough year. Our conversation got a bit deep talking about his father whom he recently met with. We couldn't be more happy for them.

Have a look:

Peep his latest video for Jungle featuring K.O:



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