New Feature Alert, @CassperNyovest Is On @ZakweSA Next Track

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/19/2017 in

Cassper Nyovest has been focusing on Thuto for the better part of the year and now that the album is finally out and doing exceptionally well by the way, we're moving into other things like getting ready to Fill Up FNB Stadium - "with or without a sponsor" - or doing some new features. We're starting things off with a verse for Zakwe's next song (presumably). He just shared that he sent him a verse and from the looks of things Zakwe, quite the wordsmith himself, is beside himself with excitement.

I'm sure you've noticed how hailed Thuto the album is by not only the fans but Cassper's industry colleagues as well. People have been saying that he's rapping like they've never heard him before on this album and it seems like that's only the beginning. Meanwhile, Zakwe has been working on a new album but he's not saying much about it as yet either than the fact that it's different and that he's excited about it. He's also dropping something on Friday but your guess right now is as good as ours. Our CSI team is already on it for your sake...

We can't wait for more info on this unknown track (for now, 'cause we always get to the bottom of everything). Imagine a whole Zakwe and a fire verse from Cassper on one track? Hip Hop loves us back yo!



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