Watch: @DuncanSkuva Recording Some Heat In Studio

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/19/2017 in

While Duncan has become quite the funny man on social media, don't let his lethal abilities on the mic be forgotten. Case and point, he's been in the studio blazing up some mad bars over the past few days and we can't wait to hear what he's working on. After the release of his second album Balaclava, Duncan's been doing his fair share of spreading love, laughter and courage through his social media. But we all know that everything comes back to the music. Either than the repetition of "Ghetto" in his posts, there's nothing more about the song title, when its dropping and what the deal is.

Peep the sessions below:


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GHETTO 100 %????????????????????????????????????

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Check out his latest music video for Enzo dedicated to his bay girl:



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