Music Video: @Gigi_Lamayne ft @Marazamc - Lobola

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/18/2017 in

Remember when Gigi Lamayne had the whole country in a knot over the fact that she was engaged. Unforgettable stunt that. It will go down in the books as the most cunning of new music announcements for a while. We finally get the music video which first debuted on TV last month online.

I love what they did here. You know me and my sucker for all things African culture. I love the cultural styling but also how the editing is so graphically advanced, a merge of the age old traditions of our people and the new age digital space. It's also evidenced in the sound of the track itself. It's a young people's perspective on the tradition of Lobola. You gotta love it. How fun is Maraza in his element? His Zulu pride on these tracks is infectious.

Have a look:



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