5 Things You Didn't Know About @iamjoshuatheiam

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/17/2017 in

Last week we had a chat with Vuzu Hustle season 2 runner up, Joshua The I Am, and from what he said we made a few ticks that helped us know him a lot more. Here goes...

1. He's actually from Jo'burg

A lot of us would not be wrong to have assumed that Josh is from Cape Town. He has in fact lived there for a minute but he's a Jo'burg boy.

2. He's only 21

Joshua is the golden "key holding" age. What did we say about the era of the young raps gods? Yup! I'm gonna leave it here before you start asking yourself questions like, "what was I doing at 21?" ((sniff-sniff)) He does turn 22 later today though.

3. He's an alien

He said it, not me. What he really means though is that his wave of thought, perspectives on music and how he tackles it doesn't fit directly into the box of "hip hop". He also doesn't easily fit in anywhere which is a strong point for him 'cause he's all about encouraging the kids out there to be proud of their uniqueness. Think about it this way; you're not left out, you just stand out.

4. He's art driven

Alternative music spaces, fashion, visuals, you name it. Josh is driven by the premise that art is fluid and it flows through all his life. He's also very (very) fond of fashion. He's probably the type to tell you what kind of garment you're wearing blindfolded and only feeling the texture of the cloth. Cotton eater alert!

5. He's a producer by profession

Some people wake up and decide to become rappers. Others are inspired by other spaces in the arts that lead them to that path. Josh happens to be a producer, professionally. This explains why he has been so good at recording, mixing, mastering and producing his own things. He takes it further and even shoots and edits his own videos. It's insane.



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