Red Couch: @zubzlastletta Talks Creative Freedom, Hating OG's, Stogie T x @peachvanpletzen Collabo

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/13/2017 in

Any excuse to talk to your fave no? I'm lying actually but this is my #1 emcee of all time (ever - and it has never changed). It's insane, I haven't seen him in so long I proper got nervous when we got to sit down. Past all that, we called him in to chat about his Wav One EP with Lavabeast which got us excited about the prospect of new music from him. He talks to us about artists feeling under pressure to create certain kinds of music that will speak to targets as opposed to producing work that feels good and natural to them. True story.

We also catch up on what he's been up to and we admire the fact that he says his heart dictates what he's gonna do next. That's truly the way to live as a creative. Of course we bring him into the "OG" discussion because we're genuinely interested in this phenomena and getting the perspective of multiple artists in the game right now. You'll see that Zubz is a lover of music despite who it comes from, even though he MAY relate differently to it. HEAR HEAR!



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