Music: @WHOISCXNTENT - Jeweller

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/13/2017 in

I just realised that I remember Cxntent from his WRAP (a duo that broke up) days. I'll be straight and admit that I don't watch TV so when I saw that a "Cxntent" was on Vuzu Hustle and his name was written with an X, I was like, "nooooor man this guy..."

Fast forward to today, I'm hella proud of the homie 'cause now people can look out for his prowess. This is his latest piece titled Jeweller and he's coming for you, you and you! Cxntent is in top rap form with the bars and pictures his painting with the lyrics on Jeweller. Trade in that shiny stuff for a rainy day so you can afford his work when he finally blows up and starts charging us!

Stream it over here:



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