Tracks You Should Hear: @bennyafroe - Am Back

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/13/2017 in

I don't know where this kid went but I too am glad he's back. Uwhoa! Benny Afroe is making me proud right now with his crispness on this track. This beat albeit trappy, is quite minimalistic and how they managed to prioritise his vocals on the beat is stellar. On first listen you jam to his coolness but when you play it again you actually hear the genius in how they engineered his voice to be much more predominant over the beat even though it's on the exact same volume. You see my people, this is masterful production. TLEAN! The fades on his vocals, the minor effects that can go over your head but would otherwise have the track sounding completely different had they not been there. Can the producer of this track please stand up? WOW!

Stream this fire here:



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