Music: @vituxarcade @Hoax_Arcvde @simmysimmynya - 7Gen EP

By @Lenoir on 07/12/2017 in

This is a compiliation EP by a group called Arcade Music which consists of Vitu, Hoax and Subs. They bring you their project titled 7Gen which also features Simmysimmynya with production by Subs. The EP consists of just two tracks and reminds me of Wav One by Zubz and Lavabeast. Arcade Music is set to drop a few more joints this year along with collaborating with more artists.

The first track in the project is titled Phuz n Play and has Hoax on it. The second and final track is called Never That and Vitu features Hoax and Simmy for a very vibey track. Looking forward to hearing more music from the guys, good work here.

Check it out:



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