6 Things You Didn't Know About @JMolleyOfficial

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/11/2017 in

We recently had a sit down with J Molley and we got to connect a little more with him. While chatting to him we discovered a few things that we otherwise could not have known about him. Or perhaps, that you might not know so we decided to compile them for you.

1. He's white

If Slikour can be uncertain about it, then we could take that it's not that obvious to everyone. No, he's not coloured.

2. He's 18

Well, at least for the next few months. You can see now that we're in the era of the young music gods and it should come as no surprise that we have yet another teenage star on the rise. J Molley turns 19 in September.

3. His name comes from his surname, NOT the drug

Don't tell me you didn't at one point think his name had something to do with the Molly drug... I'm glad he explained to us that people couldn't make out his surname, "Molle", so when he finally needed to come up with an a.k.a for himself, he just thought, "J Molley" and it stuck!

4. He was homeschooled

Wena man! How many of you can say they didn't have to sit in class with a bunch of people you didn't like in high school? Thought so. J Molley is a home school graduate and this kinda helped shaped his liberal being in terms of decision making and exploring anything he wants to at any given time in life.

5. He likes recording in multiple spaces

It's natural for artists to record in different spaces every now and then but it's usually a result of a feature or some special occasion. A lot of artists just record in the same space, their home studios, or their engineer's spot - basically a familiar spot. J Molley on the other hand doesn't like being bound to his home set up. He will record with Ganja Beats the one night or go to the Raw X Studios every other time.

6. His Soundcloud is popping (for days)

He has a total of 330 000 plays on the 3 songs he dropped on Soundcloud within the last year. This means that he gets an average of 110 plays on a single song. JESU! To think this kid just put up a song as a matter of chance and not with intention to actually pursue a music career. Insane.



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