On The Ground: @JMolleyOfficial Talks Unplanned Stardom, His Inspiration x Online Presence

By @Spokenpriestess on 07/10/2017 in

We paid J Molley a visit at his crib to chat about his come up and current rise to stardom from just being popular online. It's interesting how he talks about having taken a chance with music and it having worked out so incredibly that he stuck with it. You'll see that he's a chilled kinda guy who's a bit on the shy side - but never that on the music though.

J Molley is paving his own sound on the scene and his inspiration comes from the freedom of independent artists in America where the game is so lucrative that you can have a world tour just off Soundcloud success. Crazy! It's a new day in South Africa though and there's no doubt that he is part of a generation of artists that are leading the music industry to a new dimension on its own.

Peep the chat below:

Peep him on DJ Speedsta's I Don't Know below:



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