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By @Spokenpriestess on 06/30/2017 in

When JR said he sings on 70 % of the album he wasn't taking you for a ride. is nothing but a musical flex. Uwhoa! The sounds on this album are intergalactic. No wonder they decided to create their own genre, Afro-Urban-Contemporary it is! Every element in each song is a prelude to the next, the sounds are woven in so well. It's a feel good album but JR sounds very reflective at the same time. The perspective from which he writes is from experiences lived and learned through. I love this balance. You also get to share in his cheery spirit, he's in a good place and it's audible.

I'm so happy about this piece. What'd I tell you? Just when you thought you got your favourite song figured out to be iMin'iyeza then you hear songs like Teach Me, and the way Ngilinde or Diamond In The Rough consumes you sonically. So you give up and go for the tropics in I'm So Wavy to solve the problem. But wait, just pick the whole album. Well arranged, great execution. My soul is flying.

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