On The Ground: @TumiMolekane On #VuzuHustle Top 4 Growth x His Name Change

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/27/2017 in

It's been a minute now and the Stogie T moniker is well cemented in the books. As you can see, life has been going on and the Stogie was a judge in another season of Vuzu Hustle. He reckons the contestants heeded their advices, especially those who climbed up the ranks in the show.

Just to check in on how Stogie T's been doing, people have long caught on to the vibe 'cause let's be honest, the music is still ill. We're gonna need to fix that Balcony soon 'cause homie refuses to disclose any more info on what's up his sleeves and we wanna know.

Make sure you peep Stogie T's latest edition of Verse Of The Month (May):



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