On The Ground: @iamjoshuatheiam On #VuzuHustle Experience x New EP

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/22/2017 in

We caught up with Joshua The I-Am to talk about his experience on Vuzu Hustle after making runner up in the finale. I love his spirit, he's come out ten times better as an artist from the entire journey and he's ready to unleash some new work for us. The Ignorant Art EP is on it's way this winter and we can't wait to hear what the homie's got in store for us.

What about working with the Supa Mega? Let's ALL send faxes at the same time to the Beam Group and maybe, just maybe, we might come alright. Shout out to Joshua for that mad performance too.

The music video for Gassed is out, peep it over here.



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