Music: @zubzlastletta x @peachvanpletzen - Wav One

By @Lenoir on 06/22/2017 in

It surely has been a long time coming. We get some new music from the OG himself, Zubz, and he collaborates with acclaimed producer and musician, Peach Van Pletzen who goes by the alias Lavabeast. It was all a dream. The two musicians have been looking to work on something together for years now and the universe agreed with them as they now bring you their first project together titled Wav One. The two-song EP consists of two tracks that I believe you can agree are not the type of sounds Zubz used to play with. After chilling for a minute and analysing the game of course, the MC saw that he needed to explore different sounds out of his comfort zone, which is where Lavabeast comes in. The tracks are titled First Contact and Buy.Spend.Take.

First Contact generally means just that. The first collaboration between the MC and the beatmaker, the first track in the project and the first thing people will hear from these two artists. I'm really loving this joint, amazing work here. Buy.Spend.Take on the other hand is "a bit of social commentary on the lack we can sometimes have within ourselves. A lack that we try, to no avail, to fill with physical things", as said by The Last Letta. With that said, don't call it a come back.

Check it out:



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