#BalconyInterview: @CassperNyovest On Jo'burg Living x Constant Self Evaluation

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/20/2017 in

We finally get to sit down with Cassper on the Balcony and we track back to when he first came to Jo'burg, how he lived and got by as he attempted to start his career. If you never learn anything from him, you should at least take out the stark realisation that giving up is never an option. How many places has he gone through in all his career? DAMN.

We talk to him about the "Jimmy Comes To Jozi" scenario, how the city life can easily consume you if you're not self conscious and how he sees himself in light of this. It is true that you can alway differentiate people by where they come from 'cause there's just a calmness about him. Particularly with being at the top of the game right now, his motions and decisions to keep growing himself despite all is admirable. While we're still here, can we attest that Carpo is INDEED a rockstar though? The tales people could tell about him are priceless. I love that he's such a beam of fun nomakanjani.

Get to know Cassper a little more over here:



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