Music Video: @iamjoshuatheiam - No Return

By @Lenoir on 06/20/2017 in

Although the boy didn't end up winning the second season of #VuzuHustle, he definitely is on a whole new hustle. Joshua brings you the visuals for a single titled No Return and I got two things from the title and the track as a whole.

The title of the track gave me the idea that "no return" means that Joshua sees himself on a whole different journey because of the opportunities he's had and a notable one being The Hustle. I believe that he's on one and is destined for greatness, that's what I got from the title - no turning back. Listening to the track, it reminded me of Shane Eagle who was on the first season of #VuzuHustle. No Return kinda mirrors Eagle's Cutting Corners - both of these tracks are real dope.

Peep this:



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