Music Video: @TTGO17 ft @thrillermaster - Mfana Pitori

By @Lenoir on 06/20/2017 in

You just gotta love people from Pretoria man, those people rep their city and have so much pride in coming from there. We give you TTGO's music video for his single titled Mfana Pitori, which means "Pretoria boy" or "boy from Pretoria" if you don't cava the slang.

This video is simple but catches all the elements of a boy from the hood, which shows TTGO riding on the hood of a Gusheshe and the kids playing in the street. Of course the key thing is the liveliness of the people in the video, people from PTA really are carefree. Well-shot video, the track's real catchy as well.

Peep this:



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