Tracks You Should Hear: @Marazamc - Black Skin (Pick And Pay The Price)

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/19/2017 in

Inspired by living in black skin for the past 28 years, a seemingly heavy burden to bear, Maraza dropped Black Skin (Pick And Pay The Price) on Youth Day. It's also ignited by his racial profiling experience at Pick N Pay a while back where he was harassed for buying a lot of groceries and had to have his purchase "verified".

Maraza adresses the lesser than treatment that Black Skin endures in our society many times. You can hear his sadness and disappointment in the tone throughout the song. He relays the feelings of despair infused with anger about the unnecessary battles Black Skin fights daily because of who we are. I also like the tone for it's calmness despite the hurt because he has so much hope for a better day in the end. This is the sophistication in Maraza the artist, being able to tell the story of his people - no matter how aggrifying - while maintaining a beam of light in his composure and delivery. Touching!

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