On The Ground: @Gigi_LaMayne On The Fake Bae, Her Instagram x #Lobola Song

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/12/2017 in

The way Gigi had us all good with her pending marriage, it's unbelievable the intensity of "planning" that was going into this wedding. How many of you are feeling stood up already? This morning, Gigi LaMayne confirmed with DJ Fresh on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast that she is in fact single; is not getting married and that all that stunting was about her upcoming music video for Lobola, a song which features Maraza.

She shared a picture of her and her on screen husband with the public service announcement on Instagram, much to the joy of many of her male fans who hope for a chance with her. Hilarious things!

Gigi sure played this one VERY WELL I tell you 'cause SA media is so gullible the story ran in a frenzy, while some of her fans were left heartbroken. Brilliant if you ask me. Now we wait to see the visual, I suspect it's going to be spectacular. Peep what she said about the whole stunt before it got too much for her and she told us that it's not true:



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