Music: @Driemanskap - Qhuu Saaa! #DMSKPMW

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/08/2017 in

Attention all diehard Driemanskap soldiers, you are now entering a new time in their chapter where they'll be sharing music more frequently. Particularly on Wednesdays (as of yesterday) under the banner; "Driemanskap Music Wednesday".

You know how rappers have folders and folders of music gathering dust in their storage? Driemanskap is alleviating such wastage by sharing music that never made it to their projects, songs that were never released and even some of their really old material that can't be found online. Qhuu Saa! is a perfect kick off to this campaign with it's intensity and typical Driemanskap fighter spirit. El Nino's backpack production is an opportune battleground for all these lyrical bullets spewing in mad rhythmic finesse. QHUU SAA!



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