On The Ground: #UnderDogDay Winner @SeanWinterSA Explains His Music Approach

By @Spokenpriestess on 06/08/2017 in

I love talking to the underdog winners 'cause I learn so much from their ambitions and approaches they take with their careers. We can definitely all relate to setting a goal and working your butt off towards it which is precisely what #UnderdogDay is about. A stepping stone for some really talented artists out here tryna get into the game.

Sean Winter (our April winner) is one well thought out underdog, and with all the maths he's got tallied up in his mind about the way he does things, he won't be an underdog for long. Dude ACTUALLY fought to win this underdog even after we once rejected a previous song and he didn't win the last time he featured on underdog. THAT'S THE SPIRIT SEAN!

Peep his inspiring interview over here:



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