Music: @Ephraim_DOA - Pretend

By @Lenoir on 05/30/2017 in

Seems like ladies will never get a break regarding using make-up and for those who can afford it, plastic surgery. Guys will go on about you creating a facade and that the life you claim to be living is just Pretend. Ephraim gives us this thought-provoking track that speaks of ladies who are "living a lie" with the way they portray themselves in the streets, thanks to urban culture and the pressures of society.

In most cases it's not even because of society or trying to impress a man, pleasing yourself is something that should always be top priority right? Pretend is a nice track and the boy went in quite well on it. Speaks about all the blessees and baddies - basically ladies who live for the gram.

Check it out:



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