Tracks You Should Hear: @leboywonda ft @Zoocci_CokeDope - FRVR

By @Spokenpriestess on 05/30/2017 in

A stark realisation that things don't stay the same, that people change and that situations shift around is encapsulated in FRVR. But there's a twist, it's also a sucker punch to the naysayers who never wished BOY Wonder and Zoocci well.

How amazing is Zoocci Coke Dope's star? It's rising rapidly this year and every new song he's on cements that sentiment. What of the seasoned BOY Wonder who makes music purely out of love? It's important that I say that 'cause sometimes we get lost in the motions of trying to make it that our music suffers too. No WONDER he's sounding so in charge of his destiny on here.

Stream it over here and make sure you cop it online:



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