Music: @Richboi_II ft @ShabZiMadallion x @_BlaQlist x M-Eezy - Money Dance

By @Lenoir on 05/29/2017 in

Up and coming DJ and producer, Richboi, comes with a track featuring Blaqlist, M-Eezy and Shabzi Madallion called Money Dance and my first thought when I saw the title was that it would have the same vibe as Rick Ross' Money Dance with The Dream, kante no.

Richboi has a jam on his hands here, the boys really did a great job and I can't seem to stop rewinding, I've BEEN wilding out. The track is generally what you'd expect from a song with the title Money Dance, but the guys did the damn thing. Big ups to Richboi, who by the way I thought is the same Richboi who gave us Throw Some Ds, but that's a topic for another day. In the mean time, give this jam a listen.

Check it out:



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