Onlifer's Review: @RiccoLuty – Time Lapse By @Freed_Davids

By @Spokenpriestess on 05/29/2017 in

Extended plays seem to be the best way to get your music out there, almost everyone has one these days but I am not complaining. In the rapid paced world that we live in, it’s vital to keep your business as short as possible if you want people to check it out, I mean we got things to do out here.

Raw X Productions’ Ricco only needs 33 minutes of your time with his latest EP titled Time Lapse, but it has quite a good vibe I suspect you're probably going to give it more than that, I did! The EP starts with Ricco reminiscing about how he started alone with no one in his corner but his family cheering him on to keep going whilst the rest of the people showed no support. The girls never talked about him but now that things are popping, he's the topic of the conversation and people are trying to reach him. Ricco talks about this on the first two songs titled Time Lapse and Popping & Tripping.

On track 3 titled Like Dat, which is an amazing collaboration, Ricco teams up with Majik and delivers a catchy record that will have you wanting to take a couple videos and pictures for the gram showing that you also clean like that and you got that lean in the double cups like that. Majik's verse on this song is too nice and has a number of quotable lines too,

“Always putting work, I can never say I should've";

"Young Majik doing stages he started as a fan";

"They ain't talking about me when they say that he whack";

*"Heard their new music and I take it back to the store like I need my money back".

Moving along, Costa Ricco is nice and addictive like the girl the song is about, it’s really difficult to play this record once, you have to at least repeat it once because Ricco’s singing is so contagious. I love the singing approach taken on this project, even the featured artists understood it very well and came through and did a stellar job. Evidence is on Gone To My Head which features Maggz, both artists balanced their verses well with the rapping and singing which is so well executed. Maggz fits well on this record.

Ricco knew what he was doing with this project; the synergy on Caesar which features pH and Majik is great. Everything came out well, from Ricco’s catchy hook and verse, to pH’s very infectious, well sung Xitsonga bridge and Majik’s verse. I can already imagine a crowd responding to pH’s bridge, it is something you can repeat multiple times when performing and the audience won’t easily get tired of it. The boy seems to be making good strides at Raw X Productions, “I got to tell them that I am Raw X/ two beats and I got a Rolex,” I quote as Ricco raps. The last record on the EP is titled Papa God which was pretty much summed up by a couple of lines on Popping & Tripping,

“On many occasions, I crossed the devil and then my maker told me I am in his level/ I can never lose if I paddle/ I can never lose I don’t settle.”

The song is about Ricco believing in God and being confident in that God will make a way for him and provide for him like he did before. The last verse on this EP is quite solid; a nice way to end a project while a listener is still enjoying the listening experience.

“Oceans coming baby we flooding all the streets/ watch your baby losing her character over me/ I got men shook they worried about me/”

Nice project, well produced, great features - it sounds quite organic and so unique it has its own identity. Definitely a move in the right direction; I have great anticipation for the album.



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