The 4 Times @rikyrickworld Hinted That He's About To Drop

By @Lenoir on 05/22/2017 in

King Kotini has BEEN on this steeze of dropping hints on social media when he's about to release SOMETHING. He literally teases us and we're always left in suspense of whatever it is he's planning.


noticed when he dropped the title for his album Family Values, he posted different pictures of his family captioned #FamilyValues and of course we didn't know right away until he dropped the official cover for the album (which later went gold). The album dropped just after Makhado hinted with a series of heartfelt images of his family (especially his son) but we thought nothing of it, just dropped a young "ncooo" in his comments because well, his family is adorable.

And he didn't stop there,

He later dropped hints AGAIN on social media that later built up to him dropping Sidlukotini. That was probably the dopest time because he was literally just posting pictures of his outfits captioned #CottonEaters and #Sidlukotini, leading up to him dropping one of the best tracks of 2016.


While we waited for the Fuseg music video to drop, once it was out he promised to drop Sidlukotini when the views hit 1 million (which he later dropped after another track titled Who Am I?). The Cotton Eater dropped a few more hints building up to the release of Fuseg with Anatti and Cassper.

He's at it again,

with his mind games posting #StayShining which reminds me of his Family Values track Shining. But knowing him, we can't exactly pin it to that. Even though he's been championing perseverance and positivity despite all odds, he did say he's very close to dropping new music as he's in a good place to do so. We're literally biting our nails to see what he has in store for us. Whatever it is, it's bound to be set to CottonEater standards. Stay tuned!



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