Red Couch: @Miss_Nthabi On Women In Hip Hop x Challenging Industry Rules

By @Spokenpriestess on 05/19/2017 in

We literally pulled Ms Nthabi out of the woodworks, and I say this because it's not often that you see or hear her doing interviews. We spoke to her about how she rolls out her music and she says that she's worked for the freedom to drop music any time she wants to. Something that's so potent if you think about it.

Being one of the leaders of the female figure in hip hop, we had to weigh in on what she thinks about the ladies in hip hop right now. I love her analogy about how we're always pit up against each other. We also question the rules about age in hip hop, celebrating the woman in hip hop and putting people in boxes and labels. Drink from this fountain okay?



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