Internet Girl Drop New Extended Play 'Role Model'

By @Okayswisher on 06/07/2024 in Projects You Should Hear

Internet Girl has released their new EP 'Role Model'. The tape is 6 songs long. Their sound is experimental with Pop and Rock elements placed throughout the tape. 'Cokehead', the first song on the tape, showcases what people should expect throughout the EP. Heavy drums with unexpected sounds are cleverly placed to keep the listener intrigued. The Brockhampton-inspired group has a signature sound that stretches beyond the borders of SA. This is very evident in the song 'Every Man For Himself' featuring re6ce. 'Kids' which is a song that was dropped before the tape is in the middle of the EP. It is an amazing song with a catchy hook that enabled their traction. The trio works well together as the songs all jump to your attention. With a demeanour of 'Fuck the world' their sound resonates with the goths and outliers of the world.

Stream the EP below:



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