ZRi. Tells His Story In His Debut Album 'Thank God For The Sun'

By @Okayswisher on 06/03/2024 in Projects You Should Hear

Pretoria-based R&B artist ZRi. has dropped his debut album titled 'Thank God For The Sun’ ironically as we enter winter.

ZRi.’s artistry is unparalleled with an ability to stretch his voice to the max while maintaining a phenomenal cadence. 'Thank God For The Sun' is a tape where we are fully introduced to the Pretoria artist. "Seeing Ye on the TV, I could not ignore him/ From that moment, I wanted to be an icon,” he raps on ‘Money On My Mind’. With Michael Tuohy on production, ZRi. goes into the details of why he wanted to become an icon in the song. 

The theme of him trying to make it in this tough industry is dominant on the tape. It is not only that, though, as the song 'On My Own' featuring saveHXPE and 21 Oranges details the need to try to find oneself while in a relationship. "Bring me closer to myself that is the mission"

On 'Back To The Mud’, ZRi. raps about his hunger to make his dreams a reality sprinkling Spitori raps while mentioning A-Reece and his crew: "Just imagine seeing Reece in G12, still rapping/ Want it all, nigga, I'm not stopping until I manage.” ZRi. here gives props to the PTA artists who came before him. The 17-track album has appearances from The Big Hash, saveHXPE and Roho to name a few who are mostly from his hometown. 

If you love Vince Staples, you will love ZRi.. The storyline and the transitions between songs are clean. ZRi. wants his fans to know that he is from the hood, that he is hungry to make his name a staple in the game and is emotional enough to tap into the deep parts of his upbringing. 

Stream the project below: 



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